royal hindia indonesia

About Royal Hindia

Royal Hindia is an Indonesian Agri-Company that believes Indonesia is one of the best countries for producing spices. As a result, Royal Hindia wishes to introduce the richness of Indonesian spices to the global market. Royal Hindia also has a vision to cultivate the Indonesian agricultural sector by empowering local farmers so they have the audacity to explore and grow.

Royal Hindia Indonesia name philosophycally means the proud history of Indonesia as the world’s famous spice producer, and it’s the naration that we want to cultivate in Royal Hindia. With a classy and honorable act we want to bringing back that title

Vision & Mission

Preserving and flourishing Indonesia spice heritage through empowering local farmers hence everyone could enjoy a greatness anytime anywhere.
Crafting a bridge between farmers and International market and also better method for spices production and processing