Indonesia is known for producing a variety of high-quality coffee beans, including Arabica and Robusta. Here are some of the most well-known coffee beans produced in Indonesia :

  • Sumatra Mandheling: Grown on the island of Sumatra, this coffee is known for its full-bodied flavor, low acidity, and chocolatey notes. It is one of the most famous coffee beans from Indonesia.
  • Java: Grown on the island of Java, this coffee is known for its earthy and spicy flavor, with hints of nuts and chocolate.
  • Sulawesi Toraja: Grown on the island of Sulawesi, this coffee has a unique flavor profile with notes of caramel, spices, and fruit.
  • Bali Kintamani: Grown in the Kintamani highlands of Bali, this coffee has a smooth, creamy texture and is known for its fruity and floral notes.
  • Flores Bajawa: Grown on the island of Flores, this coffee has a unique flavor with notes of dark chocolate, spices, and citrus.

Indonesia’s coffee beans are highly prized by coffee connoisseurs around the world for their unique flavor profiles and high quality. The country’s diverse geography and climate allow for the cultivation of a wide range of coffee beans, each with its own distinct flavor characteristics.

We provide

  • Bali
  • West Java (Halu mountain, Puntang mountain, etc)
  • Middle of Java
  • East Java
  • Sumatera (Aceh, Mandailing, Lampung solok)
  • Toraja
  • Papua (Wamena, Baliem, Cartenz)
  • Flores (Bajawa, Ruteng)

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